Chloe Buckley
What would you do if you didn't surf? "Go Insane!"
  • Name: Chloe Buckley
  • What’s your height and weight? 5’4 -130
  • What board dimensions do you ride? 5’9 18 2
  • Where do you live? San Diego
  • What’s your home break spot? DelMar
  • Favorite restaurant? Pacifica
  • Dream trip? INDO
  • What’s your top 5 bands? Rolling Stones, Grateful dead, Dave Matthews, Pepper, U2
  • Favorite Surfers: Kelly, Dane, Parko, Taj, Rob
  • Favorite 3 movies: Almost Famous, Step Brothers, Anchorman
  • What would you do if you didn’t surf? go insane
  • Shout out to? dad and brother for being awesome